Friday, April 8, 2016

What would be the impact on students if a project ended by just ceasing work without any of the suggestions in this chapter?

Projects that cease without celebration leave participants feeling a sense of incompleteness.  Celebrations provide the opportunity to share joy, common achievement, and mutual appreciation for a job well done.  In other words, a celebration gives students the same sense of accomplishment that adults feel when they are able to check off something on their "to-do" list or when the event they have been planning for months finally occurs and they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor!  Celebrations lead to a sense of accomplishment for students!  Without celebration, students may feel as if their work was in vain.

Projects should also conclude with examples of excellence.  This includes things such as awards or online galleries to display the very best examples of student work.  This may also include student reflection, which provides the framework for students to consider the process involved in the project.  Ongoing reflection leads to personal growth.  It also builds the skills necessary for future educational and professional growth.  If teachers do not plan opportunities to share examples of excellence and to reflect, a project may not achieve the desired impact of growth for the student.