Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last week, my ED 408 class created an RSS reader using Feedly.  This was something that I had never done before.  This week, our teacher asked us to respond to the following questions related to this experience.
  1. What do you think about Feedly? Do you find it useful?  An RSS reader is a VERY useful tool.  It provides a great way to organize information found on the internet.  In particular, I can find bloggers that share teaching strategies and tips on a continuous basis and keep up with their posts easily.  Feedly was easy to use, although it did take a bit of effort to figure out how to organize and access my selections.  Once I figured out the setup, I was able to go to my saved sites easily and find lots of useful information.
  2. From your reading of your feeds, did you learn anything that you used in your future classroom? Provide an example or two.  From reading my feeds, I was reminded of the impact that teachers can have on their students.  In my future classroom, I have to constantly remember that everything I do and say can change my students- either for the better or for the worse.  My impact WILL make some kind of difference.  I want it to be a good difference.  I also read a post on one of my feeds that discussed the importance of modeling good teaching when working with other teachers to share a method or technique.  I hope to be a teacher leader when I have a classroom in the future.  In order to gain respect, I have to model good teaching strategies.
  3. Where did you comment? Did you get any response when you commented?  I commented in the following locations-
    1. (I did not receive a comment.)
    2. (I did not receive a comment.)
    3. (I did not receive a comment.)

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